Thursday 29 September 2016

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The iconic brand Apple just added the seventh version of the iPhone at a high-profile event in San Francisco on September 7. The modern smartphone is expected to hit the markets on October 7 and price ranges from 60k Rupees. The mobile app development trends will be streamlined with the new iOS 10 releasing this year end in India.

What makes this phone an outstanding one is its notable improvement over the previous form. Here is a list of the latest iPhone's features which is the reason for its popularity among the tech-savvy community.

1. Includes powerful A10 processor-The fastest smartphone chip ever made
The powerful A10 Fusion processor with 4 cores enables high-performance running at 2.33GHz with 40 percent better CPU performance when compared to A9. Graphics performance runs up to three times faster than iPhone 6 at little power for better gaming experience and running apps efficiently.

2. Brilliant dual rear camera

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One of the important features that buyers look for in a phone is a quality camera, and Apple has integrated an impressive one in their latest iPhone. The iPhone 7 features a 12MP camera with optical image stabilization, larger f/1.8 aperture and 6-element lens for brighter, clearer image and videos. The first camera is for zoom and the second one is a standard one. The iPhone 7 Plus camera can capture digitally zoomed image up to 10 times and include dual 12MP sensors.

3. The new wireless AirPods

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The Airpods are wireless earphones with a good battery life of 5 hours and gets automatically charged when the Airpods are inside their case. They are touch sensitive and have sensors that get detected when they are inside ears.

4. Clearer dual stereo speaker sound

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Apple has improved its speakers over the iPhone 6s and now it has increased the dynamic range of sound and a higher quality speaker phone. The newly launched Apple AirPods lets efficient wireless communication with the aid of W1 chip hence quality of speaker sound is improved.

5. Water and dust resistant


The tech giant hopped into the waterproof and dustproof bandwagon much like its contemporaries making the iPhone 7 the first of its kind. Both phones are IP67-certified, and the device would be able to submerge in water not deeper than a meter or 3.3 feet for about 30 minutes.

6. Improved Design

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The new home button is force sensitive, customizable, and capable of providing taptic feedback (Technology that gives tactile sensations in the form of vibrations to users of Apple devices). The design of the new iPhone 7 flaunts a glossy surface available in several colours like jet black, gold, silver and rose gold. The new model avoids the 3.5mm headphone jack for a sleeker and more sophisticated finish but has compensated with their latest wireless AirPods instead.

7. Better Storage Capacity
The storage capacity has been doubled by dropping the 16GB and 64GB memory units and offers 32GB, 128GB and 256GB variants instead.

8. Improved battery life

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The iPhone 7 battery will last one hour longer than the iPhone 6s which is a crucial feature in a smartphone for maximum performance.

A smartphone's brilliant specification is not enough to be identified as a top selling product. What sets Apple apart from their contemporaries is their innovative iOS that pays attention to details that changed lives of billions.

For the mobile app developers, the iOS 10 SDK offers all-new APIs and services for building better and engaging apps for Apple products. The new highlight of this update is its capability to extend apps to Messages, Siri, Phone, and Maps for a more intuitive approach. It also enables capabilities like HomeKit, Live Photos, CarPlay Siri Support, CloudKit, and more.

The newly updated iOS will soon be available and would allow upgrading on iPhones, iPads and iPods and other products.

Here are some attributes of the iOS 10 which is quite an improvement compared to its predecessor iOS 9.

1. Notifications

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Users can now view photos, videos and listen to audio from notifications and also can display live information and updates in real time. These attribute could be used to create highly interactive apps.

2. IMessage

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The new iMessage introduces stickers, tapback reactions, transitions, animations, rich links, larger emojis, and modification. The significant change in this domain is the integration of services with iMessage like ordering food, shopping, booking tickets, etc.

3. Siri

The great Siri can now work with different apps allowing users to access content and services with user's recognized voice for security. Messaging, searching contents, phone calls, booking tickets and online transactions is possible with the Sirikit. Siri will be able to control an increased number of tasks from different apps and services. The ground-breaking IOT (internet of things) technology is adopted with Siri and can control home appliances with Home 2.0 in HomeKit app.

4. Maps

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iOS 10 Maps gets refined, and it allows the app to access controls and details on locations. Location-based businesses like movie complexes, cab rides, restaurants and can be directly consulted from the Maps. Users can book, track, and pay using only Maps and they even suggest compatible apps for services in a user's current location.

5. Calls

The newest iOS include some handy call features such as Siri announcing the name and the number of the incoming call. Booking rides got simpler with Siri which connects the user with the booking apps and the user just needs to instruct Siri. You can also tell Siri to make WhatsApp calls to the contact of your choice.

6. Lock screen

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The entire Lock screen has got a redesign to eliminate the ‘slide to lock’ screen. The display light can be adjusted to feature such as getting the phone lit up when it is lifted. ‘Raise to Wake’ has Touch ID sensor that unlocks the device instantly for easy access to widgets and notifications.

6. Pay Enhancements

iOS 10 makes it possible for Apple Pay to coordinate with Siri and Maps for easy and secure payments. For mobile app developers, iOS 10 introduces APIs that can be run in both iOS and WatchOS to support payment networks and a new sandbox testing environment.

7. Photos

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The photos have the face, scene, and object recognition as well as the automatic smart grouping for, topics, trips, location, people and other activities. The pictures have grouped collections called Memories, and Apple has an inbuilt photo analysis and management in the device.

8. Music

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The iOS 10 showcased significant improvements over the previous Apple Music with much cleaner design and easier music navigation. Accessing music and viewing downloaded music from the library is just a single tap on the Downloaded Music now. Lyrics are also available to sing along, and there are more than 20 million paying subscribers.

9. Super Mario

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The most talked about topic is perhaps its association with Nintendo bringing ‘Super Mario Run’ back to the latest iOS. Nintendo is much deeply involved in the mobile app development for this favourite game after Pok√©mon GO turned out to be a massive success. Apparently, the stability and responsiveness of Apple’s newest iOS operating system are the reason why Nintendo chose iPhone over Android.

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